About Us 關於我們


~ PIck aNd CHerish ~
make your conscious choice
for something to treasure

Give a PINCH of salt
To preserve and cherish
To extract and enlighten
The essence and bountifulness of
What the true food has to tell

Then to savor it, in secrecy maybe
Within one's own universe
Or to share such, with beloveds around
Why not perhaps, with a total stranger
Thus making his or her day better

There, a hearty smile blooms and takes place


~ 為您細細品選 盼您珍而重之 ~

是一家細緻的選物店 更是一家親切的街角雜貨舖

循著簞食瓢飲的好味道 尋訪安心生產的足跡與源頭
感念生活器物的舒心質感 探索職人工藝的深刻與純粹


睛天陰天或雨天 踏入品而之門
遇見真心微笑 與 實在好物

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台中市 南屯區 文心南二路372號
No. 372, Wenxin S. 2nd Rd., Nantun Dist.,
Taichung City 40855, Taiwan
T I (04) 2471 0080 / +886 4 2471 0080
E I info@pinch.com.tw

Business Hours 營業時間 :

星期二至六Tue ~ Sat1:30 pm ~ 7:30 pm
星期日﹑一Sun ~ Mon公休 off